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when hundreds of women were assaulted amid crowds outside the main train station. Another Carnival performance leader, Biggi Wanninger, chimed in on the suggestion that men are always seeking sex. . It all started with laundry women. As a symbol of revoking the power of the men, the women started chopping off their neckties, which they collected like trophies. It's a kind of unofficial holiday in the Rhineland region of Germany. The movement has therefore raised questions as to whether Carnival traditions, which some would consider cheeky and others inappropriately sexually-charged, are still appropriate in this day and age. Carnival satire, sharp criticism, the #MeToo movement has permeated every branch of daily life and society, so it is no surprise that it's influence is also felt at Carnival 2018. I workout every day, and I want my hair to be smooth, and shiny, and squeaky clean beautiful every single day. By simply washing your hair two to four days a week instead of daily (or multiple times a day you can extend the life of your hair color and improve the overall health of your hair exponentially. Word of what the women in Beuel had done spread quickly throughout the Rhineland. Women in many other cities and villages formed similar committees and proceeded to storm their city halls as well.

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